Get High-Quality Lintels and T-Bars in Liverpool

Structural support is an important component of any building construction. Whether you plan to install a new window or a create an opening in your brickwork, you need superior quality T-bars and lintels to support the gap. The reliable contractors at Demco Steel in Liverpool provide high-quality T-bars and lintels for your construction project.

T-bars are used to support brickwork in places where the openings created below it are not infilled. For sturdy support, we fabricate steel T-bars using state-of-the-art tools and machinery. All the steel is fabricated with precision using exact measurements which are taken beforehand. We also supply standard measurements of fabricated steel T-bars.

Lintels fulfil the same purpose as T-bars, except it can also be designed as a decorative architecture while providing structural support. We mainly provide steel window lintels for your residential or commercial property. To ensure that lintels do not corrode due to external elements, we supply galvanised lintels to install on your property.

Affordable Lintels and T-Bars for Your Liverpool Construction Project

We provide onsite measurements before fabricating T-bars and steel lintels in case custom steel structures are required. By partnering up with various suppliers, we can provide these structures at competitive prices.

Get in touch with our team right away when you need T-bars and lintels for your next construction project – we’re just a phone call away! You can reach out to us on 0491 455 141 to schedule an appointment. You can also ask us about our list of suppliers and partners.