Add Value to Your Liverpool Home With a Pergola

Enjoy the great weather outdoors while having snacks with your friends and family in your very own pergola! Get the perfect pergola for your home that will suit your needs and your home’s décor. Turn to the professional contractors at Demco Steel for stylish and comfortable pergolas for your home.

Installing a customised pergola that is beautiful yet functional is our main goal. By using top-quality materials and equipment, we can design and install the perfect pergola for you. Being in the construction industry for years has given us the experience and knowledge we need to construct your pergola.

Let the Professionals in Liverpool Design Your Modern Pergola

When you decide to build a pergola for your home, contact us immediately for a consultation. We’ll work with you the entire time to design your pergola and will stay till you’re satisfied with the finished product. We can also fabricate structural steel lintels and T-bars for your pergola at our shop after measuring onsite to deliver a modern pergola crafted with precision.

We mainly construct sloped pergolas as they provide protection from the weather as well as let the rain fall down the slope. It’s a more functional pergola and will look great on your property. This is also a more pocket-friendly option compared to flat pergolas.

No matter the style of pergola you’re looking for, give us a call today on 0491 455 141 to discuss your options. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions and provide you with designs on previous projects we’ve worked on. You can also have a look at our safety documentation and our suppliers.